Be a Lifter and Grow Rich

The Bible says, And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men upon me. (John 12:32).

This statement, like many others in the Bible, is purely psychological and spiritual, written in idiomatic, oriental language, telling all of us how to lift up ourselves from poverty, sickness, lack, and limitation of all kinds.

To be a lifter-upper, you must lift up your desires to the point of acceptance; then the manifestation will follow. Your physical senses report their findings, which at best are depressing. As a lifter-upper, you turn within to the Infinite Presence and Power, and anchor your mind there. This Infinite Presence is responsive to you, and when you call upon the Divine Power you will receive an answer. You can receive courage, faith, strength, power, and wisdom which transcend the ordinary physical senses. You are then lifted up, the old state dies, and the new state is resurrected.

You cannot manifest your good in a depressed state. Behold your vision and contemplate its reality, and you will rise above all obstacles, obstructions, and difficulties. As you contemplate the Presence of God within you, you will dissipate automatically all the fearsome shadows lurking in your mind.

You don’t as a rule rise by accident from the slums and obscurity to wealth, honor, and fame by saving someone from drowning at the seashore or by meeting a millionaire who likes you. Remember the simple truth: You will always demonstrate your character, for character is destiny.


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