How a Broker Images Riches for Others

A broker friend of mine is intensely interested in making money for his clients. Consequently, he has become very successful and recently has been promoted to the position of executive vice-president of his company. His method is very simple. Prior to coming to his office, he sits still, quiets his mind, relaxes his body, and mentally conducts imaginary conversations with a number of clients who, one after the other, congratulates him on his wise and sound judgment and also compliment him on his purchases of the right stocks. He dramatizes this imaginary conversation regularly, and he psychologically implants it in his subconscious as a form of believe in his mind.

At intervals during the day, his broker returns to the mental pictures in his mind, thereby making a deep impression on his subconscious mind. He told me that he has made small fortunes for many of his clients and that he has yet to see one lose money due to his advice.

This broker realizes that that which is subjectively embodied is in the natural order of things objectively expressed. It is the sustained mental picture which is developed in the depth of the mind. Run your mental movie often. Get into the habit of frequently flashing it on the screen of your mind. After a while, it will become a definite, habitual pattern. The inner movie which you have seen with your mind’s eye shall be made manifest openly. In Romans 4:17 we read, … He callers the things that are not, as through they were …, and the unseen becomes seen.


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