How One Person Successfully Imaged Her Desires

A school teacher who listens to my daily radio program wrote to me, saying that she had written in a notebook the words Health, Wealth, Love, and Expression. She said that she lacked health and sufficient money, was unmarried, and was seeking opportunity to teach in a college. Under Health, she wrote in her notebook: ‘I am all health; God is my health. Under Wealth she wrote: ‘God’s riches are mine now, and I am wealthy.’ Under Love she wrote: ‘I am happily married and Divinely happy.’ Under Expression she wrote: ‘Divine intelligence leads and guides me to my right work, which I perform in a perfect way for a wonderful income.’

Every morning and evening, she would look at what she had written in her book, and she claimed: ‘All these desires are now being fulfilled by my subconscious mind.’ She would then take some time to picture the complete result under each category. She would imagine her physician saying to her, ‘You are completely healed. You are all right now.’ She would imagine her mother, with whom she lived, saying to her, ‘You are rich now. We can move and travel. I’m so happy.’ She would then imagine a minister saying, ‘I now pronounce you man and wife,’ and she would ‘feel’ the naturalness, solidity, and tangibility of an imaginary ring being placed on her finger. Prior to sleep, her last mental picture was of her principal saying to her, ‘Sorry you are leaving, but I am glad to hear of your college assignment. Congratulations!’

She would run each mental movie separately for about five minutes in a completely relaxed and joyous manner, knowing that these pictures would sink down by osmosis into her deeper mind, where they would gestate in the darkness and be made manifest at the right time in the right way. She found all this a most fascinating mental exercise, and her world apparently magically melted into the image and likeness of her disciplined, controlled, and directed daily imagination. Within three months’ time, all her desires were fulfilled.

She discovered that there is a designer, an architect, and a weaver within, that takes the fabric of your mind, thoughts, images, feelings. and beliefs, and molds them into a pattern of life which brings you the riches of health, wealth, love, and expression. Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 121:1: I will lift up mine eyes (imagination) unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.


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