How to Rise to Great Heights

Release Your Energy

Release your energy, talents, and abilities, and develop a zeal and an enthusiasm to learn more about your inner powers. You then can lift yourself up to astonishingly great heights. An energetic, confident, and enterprising man who attends to business, does the right thing, and practices the golden rule will make a success of his life whether or not he meets a stranger who will help him, knows the right congressman, or wins a sweepstakes ticket.

Your character and mental attitude will make or break you. This is true of you, your country, your business, your church, or of any institution.

If you desire to lift up yourself and put your head above the ruck, ask God to give you what you need—and He will. You can build into your subconscious mind any quality you desire by meditating every day upon that quality.

The Joy of Overcoming

You are here to grow, to transcend, and to discover the Divinity within. You are here to meet problems, difficulties, and challenges—and then to overcome them. The joy is in the overcoming! If the crossword puzzle was filled out for you, it would be a very insipid and dull world. The engineer rejoices in overcoming all obstacles, failures, and difficulties in building his bridge. You are here to sharpen your mental and spiritual tools while you grow rich in wisdom, strength, and understanding; otherwise, you would never discover your Divinity.

Don’t let your young boy lean on you indefinitely for everything. When he is old enough, teach him to mow the lawn, how to sell newspapers, and how to do well the odd jobs for which he is paid. Teach him the dignity of labor and that the money he receives from moving the lawn for a neighbor or for selling newspapers is for work well done. This will give your young son pride in accomplishment and in his contribution in service to others. It will also teach him self-reliance and confidence in himself.

Teach him also to see the good in others and how to call it forth, and he will always be a lifter and not a leaner, whiner, and complainer. He will respect and save the money he earns, but will put the easy money you give him into the juke box or the pool hall.


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