The Power of Mental Imagery

  1. ‘Imagination rules the world.’ Napoleon.
  2. Imagination is one of the primal faculties of your mind, and has the power to project and to clothe all of your ideas into form on the screen of space.
  3. If you are in business, you can picture a larger business, new offices, new buildings, and additional stores, and through the alchemy of the mind you can bring these pictures to pass.
  4. You can make others rich by seeing them as they ought to be: radiant, happy, joyous, wealthy, and successful. Remain faithful to your mental picture, and it will come to pass. This is blessing the other.
  5. If you have difficulty in collecting a debt, picture the check in your hand, feel its reality, and give thanks for the prosperity and success of the person who owes you the money, and miraculously he will pay you.
  6. It is out of the imaginative powers of man that come all our new discoveries, such as radio, television, radar, and superjet airplanes. Imagination plumbs the depths of mind, and that which exists in latency is brought forth and projected on the screen of space.
  7. When you look at the desert, what do you see? Some people see fabulous riches and they make the desert rejoice and blossom as the rose. Imagination is called the ‘workshop of God.’
  8. You can imagine the fulfillment of each desire by running a mental movie, dramatizing and depicting the end, and your subconscious mind will bring it to pass.
  9. You are always imagining, whether negatively or constructively. Imagine only what is lovely and of good report for yourself and also for others. Ask yourself, ‘Would I like to live with what I am picturing for the other?’ Your answer should be ‘Yes.’ Remember that what you wish for the other, you are wishing for yourself.
  10. Imagine that others are happy, joyous, rich, and affluent, and rejoice in their prosperity and success. This is one sure way to acquire riches for yourself.
  11. In the science of imagination, you eliminate all dross and impurities, such as covetousness, jealousy, envy, fear, doubt, and anger. Focus your attention only on your goals and imagine them fulfilled in Divine order.
  12. Man is what he imagines himself to be. Imagine that which is lovely, noble, and God-like. Feel yourself as rich, and all the riches of Heaven will gravitate to you.

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