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Dr. Joseph Murphy
Dr. Joseph Murphy


Joseph Murphy was born on May 20, 1898, in a small town in the County of Cork, Ireland. His father, Denis Murphy, was a deacon and professor at the National School of Ireland, a Jesuit facility. His mother, Ellen, ne Connelly, was a housewife, who later gave birth to another son, John, and a daughter, Catherine.

Joseph was brought up in a strict Catholic household. His father was quite devout and, indeed, was one of the few lay professors who taught Jesuit seminarians. He had a broad knowledge of many subjects and developed in his son the desire to study and learn.

Ireland at that time was suffering from one of its many economic depressions, and many families were starving. Although Denis Murphy was steadily employed, his income was barely enough to sustain the family.

Young Joseph was enrolled in the National School and was a brilliant student. He was encouraged to study for the priesthood and was accepted as a Jesuit seminarian. However, by the time he reached his late teen years, he began to question the Catholic orthodoxy of the Jesuits, and he withdrew from the seminary. Since his goal was to explore new ideas and gain new experiences-a goal he could not pursue in Catholic-dominated Ireland-he left his family to go to America.

First Years in the United States

He arrived at the Ellis Island Immigration Center with only $5 in his pocket. His first project was to find a place to live. He was fortunate to locate a rooming house where he shared a room with a pharmacist who worked in local drugstore.

Joseph’s knowledge of English was minimal, as Gaelic was spoken both in his home and at school, so like most Irish immigrants, Joseph worked as a day laborer, earning enough to keep fed and housed.

He and his roommate became good friends, and when a job opened up at the drugstore where his friend worked, he was hired to be an assistant to the pharmacist. He immediately enrolled in a school to study pharmacy. With his keen mind and desire to learn, it didn’t take long before Joseph passed the qualification exams and became a full-fledged pharmacist. He now made enough money to rent his own apartment. After a few years, he purchased the drugstore, and for the next few years ran a successful business.

When the United States entered World War II, Joseph enlisted in the Army and was assigned to work as a pharmacist in the medical unit of the 88th Infantry Division. At that time, he renewed his interest in religion and began to read extensively about various spiritual beliefs. After his discharge from the Army, he chose not to return to his career in pharmacy. He traveled extensively, taking courses in several universities both in the United States and abroad.

From his studies, Joseph became enraptured by the various Asian religions and went to India to learn about them in depth. He studied all of the major faiths from the time of their beginning. He extended these studies to the great philosophers from ancient times until the present.

Although he studied with some of the most intelligent and far-sighted professors, the one person who most influenced Joseph was Dr. Thomas Troward, who was a judge as well as a philosopher, doctor, and professor. Judge Troward became Joseph’s mentor. From him he not only learned philosophy, theology, and law, but also was introduced to mysticism and particularly, the Masonic order. He became an active member of this order, and over the years rose in the Masonic ranks to the 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite.

 Beginning Career as a Minister

Upon his return to the United States, Joseph chose to become a minister and bring his broad knowledge to the public. As his concept of Christianity was not traditional and indeed ran counter to most of the Christian denominations, he founded his own church in Los Angeles. He attracted a small number of congregants, but it did not take long for his message of optimism and hope rather than the “sin-and-damnation” sermons of so many ministers to attract many men and women to his church.

Dr. Joseph Murphy was a proponent of the New Thought movement. This movement was developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by many philosophers and deep thinkers who studied this phenomenon and preached, wrote, and practiced a new way of looking at life. By combining a metaphysical, spiritual, and pragmatic approach to the way we think and live, they uncovered the secret of attaining what we truly desire.

The proponents of the New Thought movement preached a new idea of life that brings out new methods and more perfected results, and we have the power to use it to enrich our lives. We can do all these things only as we have found the law and worked out the understanding of the law, which God seemed to have written in riddles in the past.

Of course, Dr. Murphy wasn’t the only minister to preach this positive message. Several churches, whose ministers and congregants were influenced by the New Thought movement, were founded and developed in the decades following World War II. The Church of Religious Science, Unity Church, and similar places of worship preach philosophies similar to this. Dr. Murphy named his organization The Church of Divine Science. He often shared platforms, conducted joint programs with his similar-thinking colleagues, and trained other men and women to join their ministry.

Over the years, other churches joined with him in developing an organization called the Federation of Divine Science, which acts an umbrella for all Divine Science churches. Each of the Divine Science church leaders continues to push for more education, and Dr. Murphy was one of the leaders who supported the creation of the Divine Science School in St. Louis, Missouri, to train new ministers and provide ongoing educational education for both ministers and congregants.

The annual meeting of the Divine Science ministers was a must to attend, and Dr. Murphy was a featured speaker at them. He encouraged the participants to study and continue to learn, particularly about the importance of the subconscious mind.

Church of Divine Science and Radio Program

Over the next few years, Murphy’s local Church of Divine Science grew so large that his building was too small to hold them. He rented The Wilshire Ebell Theater, a former movie theater. His services were so well attended that even this venue could not always accommodate all who wished to attend. Classes conducted by Dr. Murphy and his staff supplemented his Sunday services that were attended by 1,300 to 1,500 people. These were supplemented by seminars and lectures that were held most days and evenings. The church remained at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles until 1976, when it moved to a new location in Laguna Hills, California, near a retirement community.

To reach the vast numbers of people who wanted to hear his message, Dr. Murphy created a weekly radio talk show, which eventually reached an audience of over a million listeners.

Many of his followers wanted more than just summaries and suggested that he tape his lectures and radio programs. He was at first reluctant to do so, but agreed to experiment. His radio programs were recorded on extra-large 78-rpm discs, a common practice at that time. He had six cassettes made from one of these discs and placed them on the information table in the lobby of the Wilshire Ebell Theater.

They sold out the first hour. This started a new venture. His tapes of his lectures explaining biblical texts, and providing meditations and prayers for his listeners were not only sold in his church, but in other churches, bookstores, and via the mail.

As the church grew, Dr. Murphy added a staff of professional and administrative personnel to assist him in the many programs in which he was involved and in researching and preparing his first books. One of the most effective members of his staff was his administrative secretary, Dr. Jean Wright. The working relationship developed into a romance, and they were marrieda lifelong partnership that enriched both of their lives.

At this time (the 1950s), there were very few major publishers of spiritually inspired material. The Murphys located some small publishers in the Los Angeles area, and with them produced a series of small books (often 30 to 50 pages printed in pamphlet form) that were sold, mostly in churches, from $1.50 to $3.00 per book. When the orders for these books increased to the point where they required second and third printings, major publishers recognized that there was a market for such books and added them to their catalogs.

Beginning Fame

Dr. Murphy became well known outside of the Los Angeles area as a result of his books, tapes, and radio broadcasts and was invited to lecture all over the country. He did not limit his lectures to religious matters, but spoke on the historical values of life, the art of wholesome living, and on the teachings of great philosophersboth from the Eastern and Western cultures.

As Dr. Murphy never learned to drive, he had to arrange for somebody to drive him to the various places where he was invited to lecture and other places in his very busy schedule. One of Jeans functions as his administrative secretary and later as his wife was to plan his assignments, arrange for trains or flights, airport pickups, hotel accommodations, and all the other details of the trips.

The Murphys traveled frequently to many countries around the world. One of his favorite working vacations was to hold seminars on cruise ships. These trips were for a week or more and would take him to many countries around the world.

One of Dr. Murphys most rewarding activities was speaking to the inmates at many prisons. Many ex-convicts wrote him over the years, telling him how his words had truly turned their lives around and inspired them to live spiritual and meaningful lives.

He toured the United States and many countries in Europe and Asia. In his lectures, he emphasized the importance of understanding the power of the subconscious mind and the life principles based on belief in the one God, the ‘I AM.’

Dr. Murphy’s pamphlet-sized books were so popular that he began to expand them into more detailed and longer works. His wife gave us some insight into his manner and method of writing. She reported that he wrote his manuscripts on a tablet and pressed so hard on his pencil or pen that you could read the page by the imprint on the next page. He seemed to be in a trance while writing. His writing style was to remain in his office for four to six hours without disturbance until he stopped and said that was enough for the day. Each day was the same. He never went back into the office again until the next morning to finish what he’d started. He took no food or drink while he was working, He was just alone with his thoughts and his huge library of books, to which he referred from time to time. His wife sheltered him from visitors and calls and kept things moving for church business and other activities.

Dr. Murphy was always looking for a simple way to discuss the issues and to elaborate points that would explain in detail how it affects the individual. He chose some of his lectures to present on cassettes, records, or CDs, as the technologies developed and new methods entered the audio field.

His entire work of CDs and cassettes are tools that can be used for most problems that individuals encounter in life, and have been time-tested to accomplish the goals as intended. His basic theme is that the solution to problems lies within oneself. Outside elements cannot change one’s thinking. That is, your mind is your own. To live a better life, its your mind, not outside circumstances, that you must change. You create your own destiny. The power of change is in your mind, and by using the power of your subconscious mind, you can make those changes for the better.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Dr. Murphy wrote more than 30 books. His most famous work, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, which was first published in 1963, became an immediate bestseller. It was acclaimed as one of the best self-help guides ever written. Millions of copies have been sold and continue to be sold all over the world.

Among some of his other best-selling books were Telepsychics, The Magic Power of Perfect Living, The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind, Secrets of the I-Ching, The Miracle of Mind Dynamics, Your Infinite Power to Be Rich, and The Cosmic Power Within You.

World Fame and Legacy

Dr. Murphy died in December 1981, and his wife, Dr. Jean Murphy, continued his ministry after his death. In a lecture she gave in 1986, quoting her late husband, she reiterated his philosophy:

I want to teach men and women of their Divine Origin, and the powers regnant within them. I want to inform that this power is within and that they are their own saviors and capable of achieving their own salvation. This is the message of the Bible and nine-tenths of our confusion today is due to wrongful, literal interpretation of the life-transforming truths offered in it.

I want to reach the majority, the man on the street, the woman overburdened with duty and suppression of her talents and abilities. I want to help others at every stage or level of consciousness to learn of the wonders within.

She said of her husband: ‘He was a practical mystic, possessed by the intellect of a scholar, the mind of a successful executive, the heart of the poet.’ His message summed up was: ‘You are the king, the ruler of your world for you are one with God.’

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  1. hi again, sorry to bother you again, but i really need help: / can you tell with real precision if my subconscious can remove the melanin from my eye so that it turns blue? I’m afraid to believe with conviction and then nothing happens: ahh, that doubt is really killing me. and I’m going to show you an incredible cure for the subconscious mind, which may be of interest to you, what happened here in my state, a man was blind because he had glaucoma and glaucoma damaged his optic nerve and completely lost his sight for 15 years and the doctors said it was impossible to see him again, but as he was very dedicated and believed in the supposed sweet sister, he had already seen swelling and a lot of pain during the night and said he wore a picture of Sister Dulce and, in all faith , he put a photo in her eyes and asked her to intercede for him. Soon after he fell asleep, the next day, he began to see a little and, in a few weeks, he was seeing perfectly. , the doctors checked and saw that his optic nerves are still damaged, but the same remains to be verified and it was classified as a miracle cure because the doctors were unable to explain, I will leave the news link but you will have to translate the page as it is in Portuguese https://g1.globo.com/google/amp/ba/bahia/irma-dulce/noticia/2019/10/12/baiano-que-recuperou-a-visao-apos-orar-para-irma-dulce-tem-nervo-otico-danificado-medicina-nao-explica-cura.ghtml


    1. Saintly pictures do not heal, they have no effect at all. What heals instead is the faith in their healing power. Belief is the powerful motor of the subconscious mind. It follows the Law of Belief. For yourself, if you are not convinced, if you foster doubts, it is good to acknowledge it, as you do. We are not perfect. You can limit your expectations by a step-by-step plan. You can tell your body for example that before you see the big change, the final removal of the substance, you want to see a small change, for example a simple boost of your vitality. So you give your body a precise goal: more vitality, higher wellbeing! Then you start the Declarations on a daily basis and see what happens. You focus then not on the final goal but on the increase of your vitality. If that really happens, you know that you have a positive response of your subconscious mind also regarding the final goal and you can go for that!


      1. My nephew has brain cancer he is 16 n very strong I want him to believe LOA and cure his disease even he has 4th grade cancer ..I believe he is fine I want him to feel same n cure going thru radiation n chemo ..any help ..I will b gratefull


      2. You could for example read for him a book written by Dr. Murphy. There are several here for free download. It is first of all the real life examples of mind cures that he should listen to. I will then understand the LOA without you needing to provide any technical details. Here is a prayer you can do for him, twice or three times a day, spoken aloud, in a relaxed mood. If he has the strength to do the prayer himself, I provide the version for him as well.

        —Prayer for you
        My nephew’s brain is controlled by divine love. It is now cleansed and is free, light, and functional. Without haste, without delay, in perfect ways and under divine grace, his healing manifests. The Healing Christ renders him whole and perfect. He is one with God and thrives on with vitality.
        Orderly renewal, adjustment, and restoration are now taking place in his brain. New strength is flowing freely to every part of his being now. He is renewed in spirit, soul, and body.

        —Prayer for him
        My brain is controlled by divine love. It is now cleansed and is free, light, and functional. Without haste, without delay, in perfect ways and under divine grace, my healing manifests. The Healing Christ renders me whole and perfect. I am one with God and thrives on with vitality. Orderly renewal, adjustment, and restoration are now taking place in my brain. New strength is flowing freely to every part of my being now. I am renewed in spirit, soul, and body.


      3. No, to cheat him about his condition would be wrong. It is only in full truth of his condition that he can be healed for the healing is not a magic stroke from outside: healing is always self-healing in the sense that it is his own higher self that will heal him. So remain truthful with him, talk truth with him, talk facts, do not hide anything whatever his age, even if he is still a child. The suffering soul is more mature and longs for truth most of all else.

        Talk honestly with him, truthfully. Try to stir up faith in him, faith in his healing through inspirational prayer. Explain to him what inspirational prayer is, how other people have been healed by it, people who had been given up my medical science. Be positive-minded with him, also about his doctors. Bless his doctors and pray for them to be guided by infinite mind.

        If you need further advice, please write again. Update me about his condition, please. Thanks.


  2. Thank you for taking my doubts, I will read all these books that you recommended to me, sometime or another I will come here to take more doubts if necessary, you are a good man. lots of light to you. I will talk about Joseph Murphy to as many people as I can, our mind is amazing!❤


  3. Yes, Mr. Peter. there are no sacred images. An incredible case in a man with terminal cancer who insisted that a doctor give him an injection, he thought that an injection was curable, right after an injection, the tumors disappeared in a short time, he really was cured in the terminal cancer. months later, when he discovered that there was only a little water in the injection, he died ):


  4. science is already able to remove a brown melanin from a person’s eyes in less than 20 seconds, so that blue eyes appear … do you think my subconscious mind can remove my melanin? or is it a command that is beyond my mind? it may look like it is and Very stupid or annoying, but I have low self esteem and I really wanted blue eyes ://


    1. Sometimes the truth does not set us free. Hypnotherapists know about the fragility of the subconscious mind which is why they are not talking much. It is part of the professional expertise to tell the patient only the most necessary. The water in the injection destroyed his belief and the subconscious mind blocked access as a result. The subconscious mind cannot respond other than by acting, it cannot question a fact. It takes it or does not take it. We, the conscious mind or rational mind are responsible what we are feeding our subconscious mind with. It was a great mistake to have revealed the facts to the patient.


  5. Okay, thanks, I will watch these videos and I will try to reprogram my mind so that I can be good at math because bad Very bad at math. and i have a doubt, how did dr joseph murphy discover that god was the subconscious mind? did he find out by mistake? and do you know what was the reason he didn’t want a biography of him?


    1. It is through his Ministry that Dr. Murphy began working on interpreting the metaphors of the Bible, first of all by explaining that we should never take the Bible literally. So God is a metaphor as well. It is not a person sitting on a golden cloud in heaven! God means the Life Principle. And it is our subconscious mind that has to regulate all our essential life functions. While you are reading this comment, your subconscious mind regulates more than 1000 single functions of your body in a minute … so the subconscious mind is really a kind of Guardian of Life within our organism. But to say God is Subconscious Mind is sluggish language and not accurate. It is better to avoid naming the ultimate truth …

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  6. Please bear in mind that your capacity to do math very much depends on how you think about it. If you really believe you are bad at math, you will be bad at math, do what you will. What about changing your belief in the first place from negative to positive?


  7. oh I see, our sub-conscious controls 100% and knows all the secrets of our body and that makes our body suggestible right? and I know that, I put it in my head that I’m bad at math since I was a kid, and it became a conviction, no matter what I try to think, the thought that I’m bad at math always prevails. I feel that if Dr. Joseph Murphy were alive you would be great friends


    1. Be adamant to change your expectation, simply by overriding your negative one and replacing it by a positive one. It is so easy to do that instead of affirming further on your being inadequate for maths. I had the interesting experience in high school that under one teacher I was the worst guy in class and under the next one the best one in maths. How possible? It was simply the sympathy for the new teacher. What about my maths? Obviously no judgment allowed as my performance in maths was a matter of sympathy for the teacher … see this as a possible conundrum of how your bad maths may have nothing to do with maths …

      Oh yes, I would have loved to have met him, to have been friendly with him, I imagined it so many times. Great sympathy for the man, a great person! I admire him, as we all do!


  8. thanks for always taking some of your time to answer my questions!
    Your experience gave me a boost, I think that all is not lost, I will try to work hard in physics and I will make my parents proud and I will try to help as many people as I can.
    Oh dr peter, what was the most incredible healing and physiological change you’ve ever seen because of the subconscious?


  9. My life is 100% different from the life of Dr. Murphy at his lifetime. I have in my retirement in South-East Asia no social circles and no exposure to academia, nor contacts to churches for I am living in a Buddhist country. I have minimal contacts with expats and all my attempted contacts with universities were meeting with indifference, not even an email received back after contact-making efforts.

    I have not been blessed so far to see any dramatic lifestyle changes or any dramatic healing successes, except that I have done prayers on request of a local friend for one of his uncles who suffered from tuberculosis. There was a clear improvement of his condition after my simple little prayer ceremony in the hospital, and he could walk again for a certain time, but after about six months he had a relapse and died suddenly. He was a simple farmer and the disease built huge outcroppings of bone structure all along his knees and lower legs. It was terrible to even see it, and he was so poor that he could only attend the free hospital service that is not effective in terms of treatment.

    Dr. Murphy was socially very engaged through his lectures, his consultancy and his church ministries. He was blessed to live in the USA, in California. I have just this website, and while relative to my other sites it is well-visited, I seldom receive active comments like yours. Most of the time all in my life and online activities is bathed in silence …


    1. Life is a Bitch I may say , pity is it flavour, when you down size , you empty your thoughts and give way to the wind that blows your fortunes away. You have to believe like your heart wants to explode out of your chest , this is the way to the future, don’t look back . Success is measured in looking ahead like when you bike ride you look ahead, you know there is danger but your beliefs make it possible to achieve your goals .


    2. Thank you Dr. from New Zealand for your input of faith and belief in standing still and sure in the inner knowing of your Source place of strength, wholeness and joy. This is what my partner and I facilitate in NZ with Energy Psychology. All is, always well. Blessings, favour and encouragement to you. Rebekah Phin @ Seaside Freedom Wellbeing Studio.


  10. Oh, I see, I’m sorry that your friend passed away. I am happy to know that I am active on your site, I learn a lot from you about the subcosicent mind. an incredible case involving the subcosicent mind is that of a man from a tribe, and in that tribe there were superstitions that wizards had power over people’s lives, and when that magician pointed a stick at a man, that man was almost in a coma and very weak in a hospital bed, almost dead, until some investigators said that if the magician didn’t say everything was just a joke, he would be deprived of everything and arrested, the magician went to the hospital and said it was just a joke. joke a joke. the next day, the man who was almost in a coma, to the surprise of the doctors who thought they would find him dead, found the man walking around the hospital normally and the doctors were surprised because they never saw anyone leave a similar state and leave normally as if nothing had happened so fast


    1. The whole domain of black magic was elucidated by Dr. Murphy in pointing out that you can only be affected by the spell if you allow it to enter your subconscious mind, and you do that by believing in its power. If you, as your conscious mind, reject its power, and you are firm about it, you will not be affected.

      The subconscious mind is built upon the Law of Belief. It cannot question something, it cannot know if something is true or not true. It accepts something as true if you tell it so, by believing in it. You, the conscious mind, need to direct the subconscious which is working like a tape recorder and a builder of habits. It is the habit mind.


  11. How did you meet Dr Murphy? I met through YouTube, some people in some videos said that they were able to change their physical appearance, such as changing their curly hair to straight, or having blue eyes, because the sub-conscious doesn’t know what is true or false, and accepts everything what we believe in, and through that I ended up researching the subcience and got to know Dr Murphy’s books and found his website and came here to ask you if it was possible to remove the melanin from your eyes


      1. Okay. In this case, I had a very clear meeting with him. It was back in 1986, in Lausanne, Switzerland. At that time I was finalizing my doctoral thesis in international law for the University of Geneva. I was suffering terribly from the difficulty of this doctorate and found Murphy’s books in the Main Library of the University of Lausanne-Dorigny. I was checking them out for the weekend and started reading ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.’ It was dumbfounding me. I started to formulate affirmations. One of them was: ‘I can master any difficulty if I set my mind to it.’

        The sequel is interesting. I failed in the first run of the public presentation (Soutenance de Thèse). I had been working with a guy to help me with the French but he turned out to be a fake. He was actually Danish and all the money I had paid him for helping me with the French was wasted. I failed the presentation and my thesis director told me: ‘Please try again, do not mind your failure, but your French needs to be better than that for succeeding with the thesis.’

        I had no choice. I said to myself, I will use the affirmations. I did so repeatedly and soon I got into a real frenzy and started to reformulate the entire text. It was 450 pages, much too long, too complicated, too repetitive. I started shortening phrases, and each and every time I made such changes I asked myself, but how do I know? I did not know how I knew but I knew, I suddenly knew.

        After about six weeks the text was about 150 pages long, a condensed version of the former epic tale, and the French read like butter melts in your mouth … I could not believe that I had done that, and done it all alone.

        I went to Geneva to see my thesis director. He was surprised, asking me how I was able to do it so quickly. I told him the story about the fraud and he was very sorry, and started reading. I waited and waited, he was reading and said nothing at all for a long time. Finally, he put the text down and said: ‘I cannot believe it, this is written by somebody who knows French, the former text was not. This text will pass the Soutenance, I am certain. But how is it possible that suddenly you know to write French, how did your brain learn that in virtually no time? I am really very surprised but also very happy about your final success.

        The Public Soutenance was a great event, attended by Lady Fox, Q.C., from London as a Guest-Judge. She asked me why on earth I had wanted to write the thesis in French while I could as well have written it in English? I replied I loved French to that point that I just wanted to learn it perfectly.

        Having found the Murphy method had helped me doing the trick.


    1. Be a little bit down-to-earth! It is a very unusual and complex biological feat to achieve, don’t you agree? It is more than ‘wishing away’ a wart, for example. But I should not mention it, for the complexity of the task is what we should never bother about, it is the task of the subconscious mind. So let me approach your question differently.

      All depends on the strength of your faith in removing the melanin and producing blue eyes as a result of this biological change in your eye tissues. In this particular case I feel you need to use visualization, like imagining a film scene where you step in front of a mirror, approaching your head to the glass, and seeing your face from a short distance.

      There are two sparkling blue eyes here staring back at you! You contemplate these like a miracle and you thank the universal matrix, the loving matrix, the interconnecting energy, for the change, for the great gift you have received.

      Let this little film play in your mind over and over again when you are in a relaxed state, when you are in the alpha state morning and evening after waking up and before going to sleep, when you are drowsy, or after lunch when you have a moment for a nap. Play the movie back in those moments, and each and every time thank for the great gift received.

      Give it a try!


  12. Wow, this is amazing! if you knew Dr. Joseph Murphy at the time and told him his story of overcoming thanks to the sub-conscious, he would be very happy for you! I’m really happy for you! amazing


  13. I had passed the Public Soutenance on the 13th of December, 1987. It was the final accomplishment of my law studies. But Murphy’s books had sparked in me an interest for psychology and I enrolled in the first semester of psychology. I also was seeking out psychotherapy for the scars of a terrible, abusive childhood that left me with constant anxiety and depressions. I asked my psychiatrist if I could use the Murphy Method alongside the therapy, if it was compatible with it? He affirmed.

    He was American, he knew the Murphy Method, he fully approved of it to being used within the therapy. Using it, I advanced more quickly in the therapy and started recovering and healing my inner child. It was a long work that went over two years and ended with several books and an audiobook produced about it all.

    In subsequent years the Murphy Method helped me with all my work and in private life, it helped me to get away from a totally codependent marriage. In 1993, we divorced amicably, without fighting. My wife however never wanted to discover the great prayer method. But at least we could be mature enough to separate without fighting, without tears and without blaming one another. Thus the Murphy Method has helped me very much which is why in recent years I said to myself, let me do a Retrospective of his life and work. And this was how this site was born. I am very happy in hindsight that I really put it all up. With visitors like yourself, young people, who need to learn so much in life, and who can be helped so much, I see that it was really worth the effort!


  14. how amazing, the story of your life is really incredible, especially your overcoming. even going through difficult times, he never stopped being a good person, I feel honored to talk to someone as wise as you. and besides, it seems that, in the midst of so many questions, I ended up making a friend. thanks for everything and advice, i will imagine myself with blue eyes until it becomes a deep conviction, and i will change my negative thinking about mathematics and i will change to positive until it becomes a conviction. I hope the universe gives you all the best, I will explain to my aunt, who has diabetes, that she can cure diabetes with the power of her subcosicent. and if one day you come to Brazil, you will be very welcome! thank you friend!


    1. Oh, no worries, this is not ‘the story’ but only one story of many of my rather difficult life. I do not believe in ‘good’ and ‘bad’ persons by the way, we are all meant to be good, but the main problem is that we never learn to handle our emotions. There are so many people populating our jails and their only mistake was that they could not handle their vital energy, ending up in either violent responses or sexually inappropriate actions. If we could learn in school the precious tool of emotional awareness rather than learning mechanistic science, the globe would look very differently.

      I wish you all the very best for your prayer journey, do the declarations diligently, never stop persisting, it is really all a matter of pump and iron. The subconscious mind can be slow in responding, this is even its nature, and there is a reason for it: imagine it would reply instantly, we would need to be so careful in wishing things that we would be confused.

      The sages of old said that God is Time, which means that time we cannot control. Hence do mistrust any spiritual consultants who tell you that inspirational prayer brings about results that are predictable within a certain time span, let us say three months. All this is complete nonsense, we cannot control time. You have to accept that and thus I cannot give you any guidance on this point. It happens one day or it never happens.


  15. Lovely account of a great man. Always seeking to aquire and apply new knowledge. His “trick” seems to be, never becoming attached to a label or identity. He used knowledge exactly as intended, for good and for the benifit of the whole. He understood no doubt universal laws and probably “spoke” universal. He was relentless in his passion to share the simple, but not easy truth, which bears witness to a man of higher consciousness. Self-serving in his quest to quench everlasting curiousity, his higher motivation was to be of service for the whole. His jesuit background and early support and influence of a schooled father no doubt gave him the self esteem to follow through with action to realize whatever he put focus into, humble enough to allow life to take him from the known to unknown in faith and conviction. A truly remarkable man. Thank you Peter Fritz Walter for sharing the story of such a brilliant man. He had the first spiritual podcasts. Tapes like that were big business upon til after 2000.
    I accepted himself 100%. He embraced his uniqueness and allowed the emergence of creation to evolve to full maturity.


    1. Thanks for your biographical sketch of Dr. Murphy and your positive appreciation of his life’s work. I should add that I had a remarkable success with a psychotherapy, 1991-1992, by including the prayer method in the therapy, with full permission of my psychiatrist, an Erickson disciple who knew the method well. I am still using it now. This morning I declared this healing prayer. It is the third prayer-presentation on this page:


  16. hi, i need help. I’m in the first year of high school and I’m going very bad in my studies, I don’t have a very good photographic memory and I’m terrible with physics and I’m desperate because I don’t know what to do. to something that I can do with the power of my sub-conscious so that I can improve?


    1. ‘Learning is easy and enjoyable for me. I progress every day. I do not have tabs on the performance of my subconscious mind. It masters every challenge. I am confident now, I am self-sufficient now. I possess all the means to succeed and am looking forward for my final victory.’

      Impregnate your subconscious mind with this formula, morning and evening, for 20 minutes, in a relaxed state of mind, repeating this mantra-like affirmation over and over again. Be persistent!


  17. Hi how are you? I would like you to clarify some of my doubts. I have a relative who was born without an eye pupil and therefore cannot see, is there any way that the subconscious can heal it? I recently had surgery to remove some bones from my leg and I have difficulty getting around. Is there anything that can be done to recover my lost bones with the power of the subconscious? namaste peace and light for you.


    1. For the subconscious mind nothing is impossible. But it is only possible if you believe it is possible. It all depends on your conscious mind being faithful to the realization of the seemingly ‘impossible’ feat. There are entire libraries written about cases given up by medical science that were cured through all kinds of trinkets, bones of saints, holy places, holy books, holy amulets, pilgrimages, bathing in certain waters, and so on and so forth. In all these cases what brought the healing was not the bone of the saint or the holy waters but the firm belief of the person that it can be accomplished.

      Does that answer your question?


  18. thanks! now it makes perfect sense! I was seeing some cures in sanctuaries and a very famous one in Lourdes, France. I saw several reports of people who were cured by blindness and even people who recovered parts of the bones. but a case that I don’t understand, all healing is through the subconscious, right? An incredible case of a baby had his eyes burned because of the acid, soon after the baby was taken to a convent and they started praying for Mother Teresa to heal the baby. and soon after the baby’s eyes were perfect! They were totally different from the eyes of before, the baby’s eyes were brown and then turned green and perfect. how is this possible when a baby is unable to have faith? was there intercession from God? this case left me with huge doubts.


    1. Your conclusion is logically wrong. But you are asking a very good question.

      The baby consists of 99% of subconscious mind and only 1% of conscious mind, while with adults the ratio is something like 75-25%. What does that mean? That means that with a baby the healing response is even more immediate.

      The baby does not need to have faith for his subconscious mind is totally in control, and this is set by nature as a survival function. The facts that you are reporting are highly interesting and they are of a great benefit for you for they enhance your faith!

      You can actually consider yourself as privileged for not many people have had this experience. Most do not even know that all of this is possible at all! This is an asset for you to be more effective with your spiritual declarations and achieve more results!


  19. o I was really wrong, I really thought a baby didn’t have a subcosicent mind. So does this mean that what healed the baby were the prayer suggestions that the baby’s subconscious has absorbed? Yes, I am really privileged. I didn’t know that the subcosicent was so powerful. there is another case than a child who was born without leg bones. the doctor went to the child’s home and bent the child’s leg; there was no bone and he could not perform any surgery to help the boy; therefore, the mother got tired of seeing the boy suffering because he had no bones in his legs, placed his son on top of a saint’s grave and started praying a lot, but saw that nothing worked and decided to abandon the boy there. but when he was leaving, the child was standing in the grave crying. the mother almost fainted with joy! the doctor was surprised to see the child, who recently had no leg bone running around the house. what impresses me most is not the cure, but the rapid growth of the boy’s two leg bones. if you want to see more cures like this, I recommend the book “the miracle of lourdes, science confirms the miracle


  20. Yes! So does this mean that every cure in babies, children or anyone else that comes from the subconscious without exception? and, as I said, my relative is blind because he was born without an eye pupil, has down syndrome and has the mentality of a child. is there anything that can be done to him?
    unfortunately I have not met any person with down syndrome who has had a miracle cure.


  21. I will pray, thanks dr fritz. here in Europe people are in their forties because of the coronavirus, so I ask you to take care of yourself and when going out on the streets be very careful because you are an admirable person.


  22. Hola, soy de España y soy un gran admirador del libro sobre el poder del subconsciente. Estoy agradecido a Joseph por sus conferencias y libros. Me gustaría preguntarte algo. ¿Sabías quién era el hombre que le explicó a Joseph que el subconsciente era el constructor de su cuerpo? Puedo estar equivocado, pero ¿nuestro subconsciente controla todos nuestros órganos, incluso los microorganismos más pequeños? ¿Es nuestro subconsciente lo que hace crecer nuestro cabello, entre otras cosas? si me equivoco perdona mi ignorancia


    1. Bienvenido aquí para comentar mi sitio, Archivaldo. Yo mismo me pregunté a menudo cómo se alejó de la corriente principal del Nuevo Pensamiento en su énfasis en la mente subconsciente como el principio creativo en nosotros: los otros autores utilizan ya sea “Dios” o “Sustancia” o “Jesucristo” como la causa raíz de todas nuestras riquezas.

      Tampoco encontré en sus libros una referencia sobre una fuente fuera de sí mismo que le hubiera dado la idea. Obviamente es una orientación científica, no una religiosa la que lo llevó allí. Y tienes razón, la mente subconsciente controla todas las funciones vitales de nuestra vida, incluyendo los latidos del corazón, el pulso y el crecimiento de las uñas y el cabello.


  23. Tenemos que ver el momento en que publicó sus primeros libros: Los años 60 y 70. Fue una época en la que la ciencia se hizo predominante en nuestra sociedad, donde la religión fue rechazada y donde la gente empezó a buscar orientación en el razonamiento científico.

    Creo que Murphy trató de convertirse en un autor experto en el Nuevo Pensamiento cambiando el vocabulario de religioso a científico y así trató de montar la nueva ola en el pensamiento de la gente.

    Su intuición era obviamente correcta e hizo historia con su enfoque en la mente subconsciente que ningún otro autor de Nuevo Pensamiento tuvo en sus publicaciones.


  24. El Dr. Joseph era un hombre mucho más allá de su tiempo. revolucionó la forma de pensar en ese momento. Y tengo otra pregunta: soy de una familia millonaria e influyente de España, tengo 19 años y terminé enamorándome de una chica inglesa que vive aquí en España. y mi familia no lo acepta en absoluto porque no es parte de nuestra clase. me pone muy triste y desafortunadamente sufre un trastorno de personalidad. Cuando una personalidad se vuelve activa, su ojo derecho se vuelve azul. Y ella solo puede comunicarse con inglés y sigue diciendo que ve espíritus y voces. pero cuando su personalidad vuelve a la normalidad, su ojo vuelve a la normalidad y vuelve a hablar español. ¿Crees que esto tiene algo que ver con su subconsciente? ¿Hay oraciones para que mi familia acepte a mi novia y para que su doble personalidad desaparezca? gracias hermano


    1. Gracias por compartir tu historia conmigo. He meditado y he recibido una oración. He rezado por ti y luego he reescrito la oración para ti.

      Después de relajarte y limpiar tu mente de pensamientos sobre el asunto, repite la oración varias veces, al menos dos veces al día.

      Jesucristo ahora encuentra la solución correcta a mi situación, curando a mi novia de su condición, y trayendo paz y relaciones armoniosas a mi familia. Está hecho y terminado ahora en orden divino, y trae paz, armonía y alegría a todos los involucrados. Doy gracias por el maravilloso poder curativo de Cristo en mí.
      —Final de la oración

      Tenga la confianza de que la oración será efectiva! No la invalides después por dudas y preocupaciones. Deje que se asiente y tenga fe en un resultado positivo para todos los involucrados.


      1. Más cosa importante! En nuestra mente subconsciente las palabras “sagrado” y “secreto” están asociadas entre sí. Eso significa que cuando rezas, estás haciendo una actividad sagrada, pero también la debes mantener en secreto, no sólo de tu familia, sino de todo el mundo.

        En cuanto a tu novia, como su condición es bastante impredecible, también recomendaría mantenerlo en secreto de ella, al menos hasta que los primeros acontecimientos positivos ocurran.


  25. Gracias por ayudarme amigo, volveré aquí unos meses después para contarte lo que pasó. si necesitas dinero o algo de ayuda solo habla conmigo, abrazos


    1. Todo está bien para mí. Siempre tengo curiosidad por saber cuál es el resultado, y me alegraré cuando me contactes en el futuro. ¡Buena suerte!

      También siéntase libre de contactarme si el rezo le produce efectos adversos. Eso puede suceder y la mayoría de las veces se puede remediar cambiando algunos de los parámetros.

      Si quieres más privacidad en nuestros intercambios, puedes enviarme un correo electrónico a:


  26. ¡Hola amigo! ¡Primero quería agradecerte de todo corazón! Después de mucho tiempo no siento paz en mi vida y en mi alma. Ya no tengo preocupaciones ni sufro ansiedad, ¡me siento satisfecho y satisfecho! Y ya no me importa lo que mi familia piense, porque sé que la paz de Dios está en mi subconsciente que hace todo a mi favor. Hace poco tuve 3 sueños idénticos en los que un hombre dijo que no podía notar su rostro porque brillaba e irradiaba una luz muy fuerte que decía que debía seguir una carrera en psicología y ayudar a otros sin distinción. ¿Debo seguir esta carrera, hermano?


    1. Me alegra saber que ahora te sientes en paz y centrado en tu mismo. Esto es muy importante para orientarse en la vida, para saber dónde ir profesionalmente.

      Si has tenido este sueño tres veces, seguramente es importante. Significa que es un mensaje de tu mente subconsciente o de tu mente superconsciente (yo superior) o ambos. Y sí, el sueño puede significar que deberías considerar una carrera profesional como psicólogo.


      1. Lo que haría en tu lugar ahora es pedirle a tu mente interior detalles sobre esta carrera. Tal vez sea una carrera no ordinaria, porque he estudiado el primer semestre de psicología en Ginebra, después de terminar mi doctorado en derecho y te digo que es lo más aburrido. Es más estadística que otra cosa y no tiene nada que ver con el ser humano. Así que pregúntale a tu ser superior a través de una oración:

        “He recibido ese sueño y lo tomo en serio. Agradecería conocer más detalles sobre esta profesión: es trabajar como un psicólogo ordinario o algo especial? Estoy esperando la respuesta y permaneceré abierto y agradecido.”

        Repita esta oración a menudo en voz alta con la firme expectativa de recibir una respuesta, ya sea a través de otra visión de sueño o intuitivamente. Hay muchas formas diferentes en que nuestro yo superior nos habla sin palabras.


  27. Estoy encantado, nunca imaginé que mi vida cambiaría para mejor tan rápido. hermano, ¿es cierto que nuestra mente subconsciente creó nuestro cuerpo? creó nuestros ojos, piel, nariz entre otras cosas o es un mito?


  28. Ah si, Esto significa que los médicos solo tratan a las personas, pero ¿quién realmente los cura es su mente subconsciente que sirve como guardiana? Por ejemplo, una persona tiene un problema ocular y el médico los trata, pero ¿quién realmente los cura a ellos y a su mente subconsciente?


  29. Gracias por las oraciones, amigo mío, y perdón por la demora en informar mi comentario. Estaba ocupado porque decidí mudarme con mi novia a otro país y encontraré un trabajo ideal para mí, estoy dispuesto a crear una familia hermosa porque tengo confianza en mi intuición. mi familia siempre ha puesto el dinero por encima de todo, pero nunca me gustó, así que me mudaré pronto, me siento tranquilo y aliviado, una vez más, gracias por su oración. hermano, ¿puedes decir si todavía hay una nueva iglesia de pensamiento? ¿Quién habla de la importancia de nuestra mente subconsciente? Gracias!


  30. Sí, sé que el dinero es importante. pero desafortunadamente una parte de mi familia, que es de clase alta, piensa que las personas más pobres son inferiores y eso me repugna. E incluso si no muestro mis sentimientos, estoy muy triste. y gracias de nuevo por tomarse el tiempo para aclarar mis dudas. Tengo una pequeña pregunta más: ¿cuál es la diferencia entre la mente subconsciente y la mente superconsciente? Nunca escuché de la mente superconsciente.


    1. Incluso el Dr. Murphy olvidó la mente superconsciente. Por lo tanto, su enseñanza es defectuosa. La mente superconsciente es nuestro Yo Superior o Dios interior. Mientras que todos tenemos un acceso relativamente fácil a la mente subconsciente (basta con relajarse), la mente superconsciente no es de fácil acceder.

      La mayoría de la gente tiene bloqueado el acceso por las impurezas y los pensamientos y emociones negativas. En la mayoría de los casos, es el Dios interior el que nos contagia si es necesario. Este hombre en tu sueño con la cara llena de luz era claramente una representación de tu mente superconsciente, tu Ser Superior.


  31. oh ahora lo entiendo perfectamente, pensé que la mente superconsciente era solo otro nombre para la mente subconsciente.


    1. No, son claramente diferentes y tienen diferentes funciones en la psique.

      Aunque supongo que el Dr. Joseph Murphy asumió que el superconsciente es de alguna manera también accesible a través del subconsciente, como una capa más profunda del mismo. Esto es lo que puedo resumir de las citas que he tomado de los libros.

      Pero esto no es más que un problema teórico. En la práctica, cuando rezas, te diriges al subconsciente y al superconsciente al mismo tiempo.


      1. perdona tantas preguntas, pero me haces sentir más intrigado por este tema. ¿Cómo se accede a la supercosciente? a través de la convicción más profunda?


  32. Gracias de nuevo por tomar mis dudas y haber escuchado mi historia. eres un hombre con inteligencia y conocimiento y eres una buena persona, realmente eres una persona admirable. sería un honor conocerte en persona y aprender más y más de ti. gracias hermano!


    1. También me encantaría conocerte y hablar más sobre asuntos espirituales. Pero estoy viviendo en Camboya y tu en España… a una distancia bastante larga. Sin embargo, planeo mudarme después de esta crisis del virus, ya sea a Taiwán o de vuelta a Europa (con preferencia a establecerse en Como, Italia).


      1. o desafortunadamente vives bastante lejos. y desafortunadamente aquí en Europa hay un verdadero caos debido al virus. ¿Hay algún informe del virus donde se encuentra?


    2. Es una excelente pregunta que merece que se escriba un artículo completo sobre ella. Una respuesta corta no es fácil de dar. Permítame decir esto. La gente común no tiene acceso excepto a través de una intensa oración y ciertos rituales de purificación como la quema de incienso, etc.. En general, se necesita un alto nivel de desarrollo espiritual (como Yogui, Maestro Zen, Santo, Meditador, etc.) para tener este acceso durante largos períodos de tiempo.

      ¿Qué sucede en los casos de personas que se iluminan de repente? En estos casos el Ser Superior accede a la mente subconsciente o a la mente consciente de la persona. Por lo tanto, el acceso se invierte en estos casos, ya que el Ser Superior tiene todo el poder de darse a conocer a la persona si hay un propósito especial para ello.

      Y para repetirlo, este Ser Superior o Ser-Dios en nosotros es realmente Dios dentro de nosotros.


      1. ¿Significa esto que el poder curativo del subconsciente proviene de la mente superconsciente de que existe el poder de Dios que se transmite a la mente subconsciente?
        ¿Hay informes de que el Dr. Murphy accedió a la mente superconsciente? hacer un artículo sería bueno, realmente me encanta y estoy interesado en estos temas, cada vez que aprendo más me sorprende!


      2. La respuesta está en tu pregunta. Has formulado claramente tu pregunta, tan precisamente que puedo confirmar fácilmente que es así, al menos esto es lo que el Dr. Joseph Murphy expresaba en sus libros. Algunas personas lo dicen abiertamente: “¿Por qué el Dr. Murphy ha reemplazado a Dios por Su Mente Subconsciente?

        Prefiero a los autores de Nuevo Pensamiento que permanecen con Dios o el Cristo Interior, como Catherine Ponder o Florence Scovel Shinn.

        Cuando haces eso, y la mayoría de los autores del Nuevo Pensamiento tienen este enfoque, pasas por alto todas las formulaciones pseudo-científicas que el Dr. Murphy estaba usando, montando en una ola de cientificismo que era tan típica para los años 60 y 70 cuando publicó sus libros.


      3. Aquí hay una especie de oración maestra que pasa por alto toda la retórica sobre la mente subconsciente o la mente superconsciente, dirigiéndose al Cristo Interior:

        —Jesucristo está al mando de mi vida, trabajo y fortuna. Estoy dejando que la mente de Cristo se exprese perfectamente a través de mí ahora.


  33. Me pongo al día todos los días sobre la situación del virus y sé lo mal que está la situación en España, mientras que parece que la curva se aplana para Italia. Todavía son casi 800 los que mueren en su país por día.

    Aquí en Camboya hay 110 casos confirmados, y ninguna muerte hasta ahora, también 10 ya recuperados. Por desgracia, el primer ministro aprovecha la situación para declarar el estado de emergencia que le dará todos los poderes que anhela como dictador.

    Este virus COVID-19 muere a 33ºC y aquí en Camboya las temperaturas diarias están entre 32º y 36º por lo que hay muchas posibilidades de que las infecciones no se multipliquen como lo hicieron y lo hacen en la UE y los EE.UU.


    1. Estoy feliz de que todo esté bien y que nadie haya muerto, pero evite salir de la casa para evitar correr riesgos. aquí tenemos que pedir comida para la entrega porque estamos en cuarentena y el gobierno no quiere a nadie en las calles.


    2. en los libros del Dr. Murphy, él afirma que Jesús no sanó a las personas, sino la fe que la gente tenía sobre él como un mesías que tenía un poder curativo que liberaba el poder curativo de la mente subconsciente. que piensas de eso ¿Crees que Jesús sanó a la gente con su poder porque era un dios o fueron curados por su mente subconsciente?
      ¿El poder de Dios en nuestras mentes funciona en todas las personas, incluidos los agnósticos, o simplemente religiosos?


      1. Ahora tu investigación está penetrando en las preguntas más intrincadas. No tengo respuestas preparadas para ti aquí. Debe averiguarlo por si mismo.Hay buenos argumentos para cualquier posición.

        También puedes leer algunos de mis libros de ciencia holística para encontrar un análisis completo del problema. Escriba a mi dirección de correo electrónico (coachlog@gmail.com), y le enviaré una lista de referencias donde podrá acceder a mis audiolibros.


  34. Prefiero particularmente la forma en que el Dr. Joseph se refiere a la mente subconsciente como Dios dentro de nosotros, en lugar del Cristo interior … en mi percepción, esto suena un poco más científico que religioso, pero puedo estar equivocado.


    1. No fue del todo exacto lo que te escribí ayer. Ahora me doy cuenta de que Florence Scovel Shinn también usa las expresiones mente subconsciente y mente superconsciente junto con el Cristo Interno. No es fácil entender cuál es la relación entre ellos.

      Ella parece usar la expresión mente subconsciente para los eventos negativos y cuando la gente experimenta resultados positivos, parece usar la mente superconsciente como el origen.

      He aquí un ejemplo de un resultado negativo de la mente subconsciente:

      —A una mujer de niña le gustaba jugar una y otra vez a un juego en el que jugaba a ser una “viuda” vestida de negro durante días seguidos. Más tarde, ya adulta, se casó con un hombre que murió poco después del matrimonio y la mujer estuvo usando ropa de “viuda” durante años.

      Shinn explica esto como una impresión de su subconsciente a través del juego infantil que duró toda su vida y que se reflejó en el corto matrimonio y el largo luto posterior.


      1. Oh, está bien, muchas gracias por ser tan esclarecedor hermano. Una cosa que no entiendo es ¿por qué la hipnosis no cura enfermedades consideradas incurables como el glaucoma, por ejemplo? la mente subconsciente es completamente sugestionable a las sugerencias dadas y lo toma literalmente. entonces, si un hipnólogo sugiere que la persona está completamente curada del glaucoma, no tendrá ningún efecto sobre la enfermedad. pero si alguien, por ejemplo, tiene mucha fe en un santo, esa persona se cura del glaucoma que inexplicablemente se considera incurable. entonces mi pregunta es: ¿por qué no hay cura en la hipnosis, ya que la subcosciente sugestionable y toma literalmente la sugerencia dada, pero en la fe ciega hay curas increíbles?


      2. ¿De dónde sacaste esa información? Por supuesto, se puede curar a través de la hipnosis. Vea sólo estas dos referencias:

        Generalmente, como ya lo suponía, lo que la hipnosis puede curar, también puede ser curado a través de la oración afirmativa en un estado de profunda relajación.


    1. Es Florence Scovel Shinn. Tiene un estilo de escritura muy claro, preciso y corto, y sus plegarias van al grano. Estoy leyendo sus escritos recopilados ahora por tercera vez. Vienen todos en un volumen como un libro barato de Kindle. Y sus citas bíblicas son todas correctas, mientras que 9 de las 10 citas bíblicas en los libros de Murphy están equivocadas.


      1. Leeré los libros de la señora Florence lo antes posible. y cuánto Murphy nunca podría imaginar que alguien con tal conocimiento como él pudiera estar equivocado acerca de las citas de la Biblia.


      2. Ahora, le recomiendo aún más los libros de Catherine Ponder. El estilo de Scovel es un poco abrasivo a veces, mientras que el estilo de Ponder es simplemente mejor. También es menos repetitivo que Scovel. Así que en general, me gustaría revisar lo que escribí ayer y decir que mi autor favorito es definitivamente Catherine Ponder.


  35. wow! Estoy asombrado! Nunca pensé que alguien pudiera curar una enfermedad por hipnosis. He visto a varios profesionales afirmar que la hipnosis solo funciona para enfermedades psicológicas. Nunca imaginé que curarían enfermedades como esa.


    1. Estas fuentes están completamente equivocadas. La hipnosis puede curar todo tipo de enfermedades, y esto es simplemente así porque todas las enfermedades son psicosomáticas, por lo tanto su origen está en la mente, en el pensamiento erróneo para ser precisos, en las emociones negativas. En este contexto también se llama “hipnoterapia.”


  36. ¿Es cierto que la mente subconsciente no sabe lo imposible?
    perdón por tantas preguntas hermano. Estoy en cuarentena y estás tomando todas mis dudas.


    1. No, no es cierto. Lo imposible es posible para la mente subconsciente trabajando en sincronía con la mente superconsciente, por lo que es capaz de producir milagros. Muchos estudios de casos lo demuestran.

      En otras palabras, la mente subconsciente como principal destinatario de sus oraciones es ilimitada en su alcance y poder.


    1. Esta es una pregunta muy discutida. ¿Cómo podemos estar seguros de que después de una oración hemos impresionado la mente subconsciente?

      La única respuesta que se puede dar es un estado de paz interior que se asienta después de haber recitado la oración a menudo.

      Es un estado subjetivo porque objetivamente no podemos saberlo. La mente subconsciente también es llamada mente “subjetiva” por esta misma razón.

      Espero que esto responda a tu pregunta.


  37. mi vida fue perfecta hace unos días. Pero me dijeron que mi papá tiene un covid y está en el hospital y todo se vino abajo otra vez. Desafortunadamente, no puedo visitarte, así que no me infectaré. ¡Si puedes hacer una oración para que ore por mi padre, te lo agradecería!


    1. Usa esta oración y repítela frecuentemente todos los días. Yo uso la misma y empiezo a rezar ahora.

      Sin prisa, sin demora, de manera perfecta y bajo la gracia divina, la curación de mi padre se manifiesta.
      El Cristo Curativo lo hace completo y perfecto. Él es uno con Dios y prospera con vitalidad.
      La renovación ordenada, el ajuste y la restauración están teniendo lugar en su cuerpo, mente y asuntos.
      Una nueva fuerza fluye libremente a cada parte de su ser. Se renueva en espíritu, alma y cuerpo.


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