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  1. Hello sir,
    I am from India. I want to know the 27th and 91th source, which is discussed in telepsychics book.
    Is this mentioned in the same book?
    Please tell ..


  2. ‘Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious Powers’ written by Dr. Joseph Murphy.
    91th source is discussed in 8th topic ( 1st memorable point) and 27th source is discussed in same 8th topic ( last subtopic) in this book.
    What are these 91th and 27th sources?
    Where I found these sources?


      1. Ok thank you for your kind attention.
        Whenever you find this book, please let me inform about these sources.


  3. We all have latent psychic abilities. For most people, however, they are like a muscle we never use thus they remain dormant. Dr. Murphy reported many precognitive dreams in his books, he had a well-developed precognitive ability. I myself often have premonitions especially before something bad happens. I am thus regularly being warned so that I can prevent the worst, but often I did not follow the signal to change my course of action.

    Uri Geller, the famous psychic, has written a book that comes as a kit together with a crystal for studying one’s psychic powers in depth and this on a daily basis. He says that even he, while having been born with obvious psychic abilities, has to train them so that they remain strong.

    I have bought this many years ago but I cannot endorse it for being the ultimate training guide for I was not consistent using it really on a daily basis. You may also read the books of other famous psychics for they all agree that we need to train our psychic powers so that we can really use them for good.


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